14 thoughts on “One Of The Most Heartbreaking Moments On The Steve Wilkos Show!

  1. Troy C

    He dont gotta take care of those kids at 17 what he can do is help her is thats his girl and be there for them but hes not obligated to do anything

  2. Ashley La Mar

    His mom isn't shit. what mother hears their son got a teenager pregnant, and doesn't immediately get a DNA test? He gave his life, his childhood, and happiness to these kids, and his dumbass mother is asking for more. His girlfriend is a hoe ass piece of shit. keep your legs closed and educate yourself.

  3. TheRosaskye

    excuse me. i think that girl knew he wasnt the dad and now everyone he needs to stay. she trapped him at 14 and now she trying to keep him his mom is the worst

  4. duane mcneese

    It's 3 hoes on that stage! That boy would be better off with no mother than to have that woman as his mom. Common sense dictates that if those aren't your kids, you should feel no obligation to raise them, period.

  5. Toya Hannah

    there was nothing heartbreaking about a fast ass little girl..furthermore the trifling mom tried to guilt trip him into taking care of those kids…I hope and pray that the young man gets away from her and her mama fast….

  6. asha harbour

    I feel that his mother is just saying that on tv because she doesn't want to be vocal about her true feelings but behind closed doors she probably telling him that taylor was never good for him if neither kids were his that's what I would do not to put her out there on tv

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