15 thoughts on “PUSHING TO ARENA 11 – LEVEL 8!! BEATING LEVEL 11s!! – Clash Royale Road to Legendary Arena Ep 4

  1. Vicente Villena Masegosa

    Wow Shane , good job ¡¡
    The victory agaist level 11 was epic .
    Amazing deck.
    Congratulations for your chanel.
    Regrets from Spain

  2. XCamarthGamingX

    so I am a level 9 stuck at 3400 trophies then I see you as a level 8 passing me haha. You have great skill!

  3. Garrett Hachem

    Can you please make a giant ladder deck without pump or minion horde. I would just like to see variety with giant decks.

  4. gamescebi_ cr

    lvl 8..great job:)
    please give me an advice can you make someting good with princess ice wizard and goblin barrel (and maybe witch) without hog ?
    i dont have bandit minner graveyard mega knight inferno dragon (my cannon cart a f mashine is weak lvl..:)
    i like yours deck but i dont have mega knight

  5. Andrik Ley

    I want to see more of this 8 account video and I´m letting you know Shane, thank you for your 2:30am videos that keep me awake haha

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