18 thoughts on “Rebuilding My Mini Cooper Engine – Part 1

  1. Phil Collins

    thank you ……great instruction keep it coming ……. and i hope you don't sell when its done!!!!!
    cheers mate

  2. Sudip Basu Mallik

    Excellent video (precise, detailed with actions) … eagerly awaiting for the forthcoming part.

  3. Real liaar

    bad power connection for the ecm at the battery box. Replaced the but connector, fuse holder, and a couple worn battery jumpers

    You could try this, if you haven't

  4. Egbert Garcia

    @milanmastracci I recently changed out my coils and plugs, misfires were gone for a few days then came back. I took the coils out and a couple of them had the rubber boot stuck where the plugs are along with the spring inside the rubber boot from the ignition coil also where the spark plug lies… what should I do?

  5. trick METRIC

    Doing this right now to my Mini. $1500 in parts that have to be replaced when you take a head off and the problem was a holed $14 exhaust valve.

    All I can say is WHY WHY WHY? Why did you disconnect the entire wiring harness just to take off the head. Do you like doing extra work for no reason? I was going to say the same thing about the exhaust, but I understand you need to paint over the shitty welds.

    This video has nothing on MINI Adventure's video series, but I have to respect your 'money & time is no object' attitude.

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