Rogue Trooper Redux Switch Gameplay Let’s Play

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15 thoughts on “Rogue Trooper Redux Switch Gameplay Let’s Play

  1. JohnMetal91

    Is there really online multiplayer? How good is it and is it pretty active? I might get sold on that alone, I have been waiting for that mid-2000s shooter experience on the Switch. Doom may fit this need as well but that 9gb download for just the multiplayer seems kind of steep, especially on my slow connection.

  2. Gamer4 LifeWD

    I played the original way back when, I remember the difficulty spiking considerably half way through the campaign. I will get it once my SD Card gets shipped here.

  3. Robert Siegfried

    Not a bad shooter if you're looking for one on Switch. Definitely dated but still decent fun if you can forgive it's shortcomings.

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