Samsung DeX Unboxing and Demo: Galaxy S8 Desktop Dock!

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16 thoughts on “Samsung DeX Unboxing and Demo: Galaxy S8 Desktop Dock!

  1. Andrew Johnston

    If you could just go ahead and stop saying go ahead every few seconds I might go ahead and subscribe to your channel

  2. Saleh Abdallah

    Looks like in the future now no will need desktops or laptops. All this will be in ur pockets.

  3. Dan Bromberg

    Nice overview but would liked to have seen how well some Office apps behaved. I don't have Office on my S8 but I do on my PC desktop – would I be entitled to a license for Office there as well ?

  4. Cypran Akubude

    I'm currently using my S6. But this video makes me feel like buying an S8 to enjoy this dex feature

  5. darkbud22

    how well does VLC work while docked? is the mouse able to manipulate the pause, volume, forward/rewind etc?

  6. aft7676

    One thing that I am absolutely amazed that EVERY SINGLE reviewer I watched forgot or didn't know to mention is that YOU HAVE TO PLUG EVERYTHING FOR SAMSUNG DEX TO WORK:

    (1) Plug in the power.
    (2) Plug in the display.

    Believe it or not, the last step is as important as power even. If you don't connect at at least one keyboard or mouse, the DeX Station WILL NOT WORK AT ALL as if it were defective. So, if you panicked like I did, don't just yet. Do step 3 and you should be fine.

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