17 thoughts on “Serpentine Belt Chirp/Squeal: in-depth Diagnosis

  1. CCC Detective

    Hi Ivan I am wondering about your tensioner spring test. I see 3 markers on the unit I know the old tensioner travelled farther but still within the marks at 15ft lbs of torque, could the difference just be production variation? I would expect a opperational range of opperation for the tensioner and if within the marks would it not be at proper tension?

  2. The Media Is Cancer

    When my buddy was stationed in Korea circa 1992 he called it the land of ALMOST RIGHT. Kind of sounds like Dorman.

  3. Ozzstar

    After spending a few miles in the Mystique I can vouch for the car being squeak free, runs like a top!! Nice find and fix Ivan.

  4. R Mack

    Dirt, grit and sand can get into the pulley grooves, especially the crank pulley as it's the lowest on the engine and closest to the roadway. The grit/sand can get "packed" into the grooves to the point that the belt is being forced to ride higher in the grooves and therefore have less grip, or friction. Wire brushing is very effective.

  5. DP Clout

    There is a subliminal message in this video. The blinking work light over the hood is flashing morse code – 'never use Dorman parts'

    Great video and analysis Ivan. I am amazed hoe you only have 28K subscribers with the value of your diagnostics and analysis.

  6. Jan Verschueren

    Doorman not getting this part right just begs belief… how difficult can it be to carefully measure something or mold it and do a lost wax casting to get blanks for copying a part?

  7. Beavis Kornholio

    They usually say when you replace the drive belt to replace the tensioner and idle pulley. Not very expensive to replace those 3 parts. Had it done for 95 dollars on my sons fusion with me providing the oem ford parts. The parts cost me about the same which made the replacement less than 200 bucks total.

  8. caduceus33

    Just do a ghetto fix. Run the engine without a belt while holding a grinder against the old harmonic balancer. Then scrape out the melted rubber pieces from the old belt and you're good to go!

  9. caduceus33

    Even when it squeaks its squeak-free. Its just like food that's gluten-free. No charge for the squeaks, no charge for the gluten.

  10. Typey1

    I fitted a dayco serp belt to my car that didn't fix the chirp, only to find 3 years later when i fitted a gates belt my problem was gone but the dayco belt was 2 inches longer than the gates belt. I never thought belt lengh would be a variable to the manufacturer!

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