17 thoughts on “Sophisticated Story Time with Brawny Buck (April Fools’ 2017)

  1. Juan Carlos Pérez Reboeiras

    Nice job with this video! BTW, Late Happy April Fools Day, Brawny Buck! X3


  2. N.B. Eskerata

    Yeesh. Just think, someone got PAID to write that bit of literary leprosy. Perhaps, to balance things out, you might try reading "Fox In Socks" by Dr. Seuss.

  3. Peaches n' Charlotte

    this is absolutely the highest of the brows, bravo good sir, bravo

    (imagine an English accent)

  4. Christine S

    Oh, that was the cheesiest, sappiest book I've ever heard. I'm still laughing at "Why yes, that did in fact just happen."

  5. kaworumisa

    wait u just April fooled us i still liked the story I never new it existed until now thanks for story April fool Brany

  6. kaworumisa

    yah his in a wheelchair but this is something its kinda nice book for other kids to read I like it

  7. Dizaster Studios

    uh… am i the only one who noticed it looks like brawny is sitting in a wheelchair? i wonder if thats part of the video or something else entirely

  8. reflective vagrant

    Almost missed the cut off, Brawny, but you managed to time it just right to where people's guards would be down.

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