7 thoughts on “SRRS ROCK RACING GETS FLAT NASTY – Rock Rods Episode 41

  1. Anthony Patrick

    Damn I love how Bobby Tanner gets to those drivers I put him up against any of them 20 year old young men… he's awesome

  2. Anthony Patrick

    I feel bad for the dude driving the agnes buggy. Don't know who built that buggy if he did or what but I don't see how he sees out of it maybe that's why he does so bad…. I hope it's not like some little kid I'd feel bad for talking about him then… Lol.

  3. สนธยา กาวิใจ

    รถแบบนี้ราคาเท่าไหร่? ขนาดของเครื่องความจุเท่าไหร่? เครื่องแบบไหน? กี่แรงม้า? ขอบคุณครับ from Thailand…..

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