19 thoughts on “StarCraft 2: MASSIVE Balance Changes!

  1. Sailor Saturn

    Shield Recharge could have gone on the Sentries like the Campaign. Wanted to see a Nuke buff, even if it's just that one Ghost Academy could stock multiple nukes rather than one per Academy

  2. Amaroq64

    Thank god. No more protoss opening greedy in world championships vs a superior opponent's perfectly planned and executed early aggression and still winning.

  3. Tristi

    And the new terran repair drone i single trarget mate ! Also: swarmhosts off creep are now AS fast AS siege tanks and Immortals, comprehension nublet you :p

  4. Tristi

    The main Problem I have with Protoss as a lesser Player is having that one unit at the ramp blocking zerglings. i would love some kind of gate mechanic like terran supply depots for all races. That is literally the reason why I play Terran over Protoss. The change to the observer almost makes me switch tho :p I tend to use F2 waaay too much (wich also pulls the blocking unit away from the ramp) :p

  5. Ménif Maxence

    Thinking about what canon rush is gonna looks like with a near nexus that can regenerate sheild and warp a full army

  6. Voidroamer

    WTF blizzard? remove MHC and buff mules? brilliant!
    LOL! Finally they admit that the LotV chronoboost change was dumb AF. Quit SC2 pretty much because of that (and the fact that protoss expansion made protoss so much less fun to play IMO) , and if i were still playing today i'd quit again right now.
    While were on the topic of stupid LotV changes, the Disruptor. "Having other choices" does not make it any better, because this unit still exists and therefore i still have to see it in PvP . And then this change is super WTF… having it detonate when a unit touches the center ALREADY HALVES IT's DAMAGE. So why you lower it even more?

  7. f00dify

    Another great video! When I saw the title of the it I was like burn them with fire! Now I'm like oh this sounds interesting lets give it a try.

  8. Martin Viljoen TheTechTinker

    i like the ability to anchor an overseer or observer. I try not to use F2 too much but it sometimes help in moments of panic. But it really messes me around when I'm monitoring an area and they move out of position.

  9. lolply54

    I'd love to see a protoss army blocked in the Middle of a fight with banes and widowmines destroying thanks to mass recall, or even enemy storms ecc…

  10. DavidRoyman

    I would have preferred to have 3 different videos, one for each race. Would make it easier to see them at different times. 🙂

  11. Numira

    lowko. i suggest not to read everything for us. it just makes the video even longr as it already is. 🙂

  12. standinonstilts

    How does mass recall work if a Protoss player has all their bases on one hotkey? Does it just choose the first one in priority that has enough energy?

  13. standinonstilts

    If only they would push ghosts further down in the hotkey priority so you could move them with your main army and still be able to stim ;(

  14. Jude Parrill

    Wow, nerfs to widow mines and disruptors, but no nerfs to banelings? Utter bullshit. Banelings are so fucking OP, especially with fungals. Zerg can quickly fungal your whole army and then run banelings into it, and it's game ending right there. They talk about making changes to prevent these kinds of things, and then the ONE unit that Terrans had to try to deal with it, the widow mine, get's nerfed all to fuck.

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