Stephen A Smith After Game 1 “Lebron Is On Another Level… You Need An Army” |SportsCenter|

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12 thoughts on “Stephen A Smith After Game 1 “Lebron Is On Another Level… You Need An Army” |SportsCenter|

  1. SithLordNefaar022

    If Boston loses game 2, they WILL be swept off their feet cuz they sure as shit ain't getting a W in Cleveland..

  2. Jose Lopez

    I love how LeBron gets all the praise but Tristan Thompson dominating the glass is the biggest reason why the Cavs are hard to beat. yes LeBron is dominating too but Tristan Thompson should be getting some praise, he is the best rebounder in the game and dominated last night. the warriors won't have a answer for Tristan either and that will be the difference in the Cavs winning the championship again.

  3. Byus

    Yawn..why even do a segment on this shit?? We all know Boston getting swept by lebrons super duper team..we already know he going to just drive to the basket and pass and score of that weak ass team..smh this playoff has been the most boring in a long ass time..gsw vs cavs again..if the cavs win this year just be prepared for espn to suck lebrons dick on an all time level..most likely crown him the goat(nonsense) and get ready for all the idiotic comments on youtube

  4. Erwin Smith

    He keeps on saying that he does what he wants when he wants but whenever someone puts right in front of his eyes the evidence that lebron is best player ever he denies that fact lol pathetic

  5. 9Master_Mind3

    I like how their ignoring the warriors like steph hasn't been a monster in these playoffs series…typical lebron dick riders…

  6. TheChunlilover

    Am I the only one who watches lebron play and is completely bored with it?He just runs to the hole over and over and over again.Big giant guy running people over at full speed.He has no grace in his game.

  7. Shad shad

    The cavs defense got better because they shutdown Isaiah Thomas,Bradley only scored 20 instead of 32

  8. DigiGod : Digimon Gamer

    Lebron is playing at such a high level. i truly believe Kyrie is saying his legs for GSW

  9. Darenn Freitas

    it's like these guys retarded, it was obvious before the game started that the Celtics were too little to stop LeBron. and to think some people thought before this series started that the celtics would win it y'all tripping heavy

  10. Michael Land

    As a Lebron hater you gotta give it up for the Cavs. Boston is absolutely petrified of this team because the Cavs were playing no defense the entire first quarter and watched the Celtics miss every open shot they took and I mean wide the hell open. Now I know why all the sports analysts wanted the Wizards to face this team but John Wall has himself to blame for that game 2 debacle. Well that's the Leastern Conference for you. Kawhi is hurt, what's Boston excuse. Let me guess Lebron LOL what a joke. Enjoy y'alls number 1 draft pick because y'all will never win the East because Washington will only get better also

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