9 thoughts on “Stuck Pigs do Squeal!

  1. Kirsten Nolen

    You are stupid and an idiot you what you did could have killed the poor thing I hope you you take this video down


  2. Elizabeth Hodge

    everyone can put a dislike on this video but let me tell you this is a real big problem here in the US if you look at the colors on these pigs they're bred with domestic kill them kill them all

  3. C.R. Whitlock

    Haha. It's satisfying watching these vermin get stuck purely because their so loud and annoying. Squeal you giant rat squeal.

  4. Alysani01

    people are saying squeal piggy squeal when it isnt humane to enjoy hearing a dying pig squeal from an arrow, atleasy use a gun to not brin the animal so much pain, and i do eat meat so dont call me a stupid vcegan lol.

  5. Rondo McBower

    I had a humbucker pickup in a cheap guitar that sounded just like that when i cranked it up loud.

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