Supergirl (3×9) | Kara is hurt + ending (14)

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14 thoughts on “Supergirl (3×9) | Kara is hurt + ending (14)

  1. gechen85

    Does anyone know why Mon-El and Imra aren't fighting alongside Supergirl? And why they don't ask for Supermans help? I assume the producers want to make a point here (fighting her best friend and the resulting drama) but where is the logic?

  2. fizlu farez

    Kara is this problem bcoz of her . That is was unable to win sam … there is only one person who can save kara life nw it is monel …bcoz kara stilll love him a lot
    In one of this season 3 it proof the kara was defect when she tought the monel was dead . Later alex telll monel is alive so ever kara defect emeny
    This saw the kara love monel a lot nd by seee monel nd imra together kara is really sad nd this is the reason y kara is in this stage ..
    There is only one way to save kara life
    As we allll know that true love can break anything .. monel is the only one preson who can save kara bcoz love for monel is biggger for kara in her mind.
    Monel love kara before 7year is the most power thing that can save kara .. or bring back supergirl …… so monel plzzzzz save kara (supergirl) with ur love for het
    Nd plzzzzzz try to be karamel bcoz we all love karamel ♥️ a lot
    Nd monel plzzzz leave imra nd save kara life nd try to be karamel once more . We r wait for that
    So monel plzzzzzzzz leave ima nd be with kara

  3. Mrmccarthy123

    Thank you for uploading so much and for hearting my last comment tbh u should atleast be at 2mil subs man THANKS SO MUCH

  4. Marcus Jones

    i didn't like the way she bragged about beating superman if they were to go another round he would beat her ass worse than reign did

  5. Hannah Kuter

    Did anyone else notice how imra was like smirking when kara was "dying" right before she said that she was going to be okay to mon-el??

  6. John Doe

    Imra and Monel can save everyone a lot of stress and just spill the beans; they came to help SG defeat Reign and know she will recover from the initial fight.

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