The Battle Over Confederate Monuments – The Jim Jefferies Show

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18 thoughts on “The Battle Over Confederate Monuments – The Jim Jefferies Show

  1. ‘Cave Beast Demon'

    Robert E Lee was a confederate general, not an American general (of the "United" States of America) his country was the Confederate States of America ! They seceded from the union and lost the war for slavery… dumb asses!!!!!! We don't erect monuments to the enemies of our country!

  2. Annie Faucher

    Yes, the civil war was about the south trying to break away from the union, but do you know why they wanted to SO THEY COULD HAVE SLAVES!!!

  3. Orgullo Ario

    the center of the slave trade was in rode island NY also the site of the first synagouge so JEWS DID SLAVERY!!!

  4. CUMBICA1970

    2:55 LOL I live in Japan and I'm 100% sure this park is not even in the top 1000 must-see attractions of the Japanese tourists.

  5. Shadow Heart

    Are those white racists real people or a parody of the south?
    And those retards with 'secede' t shirts should have their nationality revoked. See how those cowards would like their confederacy then.

  6. TheModula

    There is an argument to be made that statues of Robert E. Lee and the like are not to be equated with Hitler-statues–wait, what? Nazis turned up at confederate statues and the southern people didn't care?–Ok, sorry, there is no argument to be made anymore that …

  7. Great Planes of World War 3

    I'm from Georgia, I live in Georgia. I completely agree with Jim Jeffries, the answer is to be found in dynamite. Just blow up all the confederate monuments. Clean slate. Start over. Without the bullshit of the past.
    Oh, and LOCK UP TRUMP.

  8. randy zakem

    I'm sorry we don't need monuments to people who where willing to die for there right to hold another human being as a slave if you disagree with that you are a criminal and should be in jail

  9. psnlh1

    When will the monuments for Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren, William Henry Harrison, John Tyler, James K. Polk, Zachery Taylor, Andrew Johnson, and Ulysses S. Grant (yes ma'am!), all of which owned slaves be removed or destroyed?
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  10. Eliyahu BenYsrael

    These neo confederates are lying and their lies have misled American culture for the last 150 years. Read James W. Lowen's book: "The Confederate And Neo Confederate Reader" to read original documents and their confederate writers' real motives and intentions instead of the neo confederate propaganda making these villains into heroes, and today attempting to keep the symbols of white supremacy and violent dominance in place.

  11. chet michael

    only faggot sjws want the statues taken down only because trump is president, and fuck this failed comedian…..he only has a show because hes a liberal aussie and he shits on his own race…..what a fucking cunt/cuck….

  12. Cartoon Crash

    the union jack offends me because the Brits opresed us Americans. England, please remove the union jack a its a symbol of hatred and oppression.

  13. Jessica Brown

    Replace it with a rainbow flag… That ought to solve it for southerners …whom are trying to move on from the past. ..supposedly. I live in the south. Its all horseshit.

  14. WanderAbroad

    I say we go all the way if we're going down that path. Let's tear down all monuments that involve slavery. Let's tear down the pyramids, the sphinx, coliseum, heck! the seven wonders of the world accept possibly the statue of Zeus. Oh and don't tell me the pyramids weren't built by slaves, Americans are the only people who's new evidence shows that… conveniently. The only reason slaves didn't build the pyramids is because it may have involved Jews and everyone wants them dead so let's just "cough" say it didn't happen. Jews? Victims of slavery! Hell no. Only black slaves existed.

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