18 thoughts on “The BEST Glimmer, XP And Faction Rep Farm In Destiny 2

  1. Eric Alvarado

    The milestones dont work on second character, the engrams are locked at same lvl as your legendaries

  2. shawmaster B

    Today I'm gonna be grinding for exotics and stuff that I want. I'm currently 270 (no cheese, or exploits in any way. I just play a lot.) And I'm waiting for the raid. I'll be finishing my quest for the rat king today.

  3. Mike Brower Jr

    I like it, I throw the idea around about remaking my hunter to get the "early reset" but I'd rather just grind it out

  4. goobger117

    have done both, fast traveling in EDZ is much more efficient. There's always an event going on, titan ends up slowing down and you're waiting 4-5 minutes for each event. Not nearly as fast as EDZ. 2-3 hours you'll be full of gear your post master will be full you'll have about 100-120 tokens and full endgramz with average of 3 to 4 exotics and rest legendary.

  5. iCantEvenButtons

    "It will never not be relevant"
    …stop, Bungie isn't going to treat you the same as Blizzard has. They aren't going to see this as a cheeky friendly community guide, they are going to see this as an exploit and fucking patch it. You guys really didn't play Destiny 1 did you? Every time a YouTuber acts like something is super useful or powerful, Bungie fucking nerfs it to oblivion until it IS entirely irrelevant.

  6. King Crabz

    What sucks is us pc players are not gonna be able to take advantage of the "loot caves" because they gonna patch things.

  7. Alan González Aparicio

    Just a heads up, some of the quests are bugged if you don't have enough space in your slots and also how engrams are decrypting. You can find more info on the help section of the Bungie forums.

  8. Logic

    If you hold down the button on the cannon it does more damage what I do is hold down fire until the charge gets bigger then let go

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