THE GLOBE IS DONE After the August 21st Eclipse! (A Flat Earth Discussion)

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18 thoughts on “THE GLOBE IS DONE After the August 21st Eclipse! (A Flat Earth Discussion)

  1. D. Marble

    During the first demonstration starting 2:21 I mis-spoke saying East to West. I meant to say West to East. Thanks for being cool.

  2. Jedeons Video Randomness

    It's August 22nd now.. I thought we were all supposed to be DEAD now?!… Oh right I forgot, that's what you morons said to us in 2012!! "Rolls Eyes.."

  3. tankman37

    Just seen video of the eclipse. The moon came in from the top left of the Sun and out at the bottom tight. On flat earth this would mean the moon was higher in altitude at the start then moving lower. On flat earth it should move straight across with no change in height. Please explain.

  4. King Wiley

    11:30 12:09 His flat earth model predicts an eclipse shadow that first passes north america from east to west, slows and then stops off the west coast, reverses direction, passes back over north america a second time, then plummets south. This is not what we observed today, or any eclipse ever. The hypothesis does not match what we observe in reality.

  5. photogyulai

    Do you even realize in your flat model the sun is shining 24hour/day?! Do you see the sun at night? Pretty "accurate" model congrats! Say hello to your brain cells for me, all the two of them!

  6. ChitownGRIZZ

    The eclipse came and went and the earth is still a sphere. So when is this "the globe is done after the eclipse" suppose to happen?

  7. Ron McCaffrey

    The 2017 Solar Eclipse conclusively proved to the world, a flat Earth is impossible.

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