The Letter – The Beginning of Hannah’s Route, (Ch.2) Manly Let’s Play [ 5 ]

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12 thoughts on “The Letter – The Beginning of Hannah’s Route, (Ch.2) Manly Let’s Play [ 5 ]

  1. chris qaqua

    it just struck me, the way she said ermahgerd
    it's the ur-mah-gawd (omg) mansion. C:
    it even looks like it. XD

  2. ΚŌ ΖΑΙ

    Since Isabella's chapter ended with the choosing of the priest to bless the house, would this segment of Chapter 2 be totally different had we gone with the professor? Mayhaps Ash showin' up instead of Zach for a different purpose? Hmm…. I wonder.

  3. WilliamBilsters

    Hannah being optimistic and saying good things to come and I'm like, "Oh how cute and naive she is!" 😀

  4. Chris Garrett

    Funny thing about that bay, it was a penal colony and the first colony of Australia. So the voice of the friend matches the area of origin, but that also would inherently mean the Wrights are Australian

  5. Lueroso

    I was so ready for Luke to say "That is Mahogany!" and make a Hunger Games reference myself because I am a nerd

  6. ezdel pinwheel

    So, I got curious and decided to search how to properly handle a Napoleon Abueva sculpture. Yeah… if anybody is interested in moving a sculpture turns out there is a pretty handy book that explains all the possible methods for it. It's called "A Sculptor's Manual: The Commonwealth and International Library: Painting, Sculpture and Fine Arts." Page 19, but the cool part on moving stuff is around page 25. I love when videogames , specially horror ones make me search for random stuff that I would definetly never look otherwise. Now I know who this Abueva guy is. From what I scrolled I liked his "Head of Miss Li" at Malagos Garden.

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