The Statement of Randolph Carter – H.P. Lovecraft (Audiobook)(and a drawing)

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14 thoughts on “The Statement of Randolph Carter – H.P. Lovecraft (Audiobook)(and a drawing)

  1. Kaden Macnabb

    A buffalo sitting on a cloud playing an accordion with a turtle on it's back holding a eyeball in it's mouth. The turtle's shell looks like an orange slice.

  2. Abbi Gonzalez

    I lost someone who’s the universe to me. I haven’t been doing so well these past few months. He knew I enjoyed your videos. I haven’t been able to draw or do anything I once loved. I just started watching your videos again recently, and they’re the most peaceful distraction. I’m starting to sketch again. It’s hard, but I know it’s something he never wants me to give up on. He’s still my muse and you’re helping me along the way. Thank you for these wonderful videos, Peter. You’re an amazing artist.

  3. Kale Macaroni

    That amazing moment when you’ve had a really shitty week but your favorite artist reads a story from your favorite author and your life feels complete

  4. CaptainWumbo

    You might enjoy Librivox. It's for people who make public domain audiobooks. You've got better range than I expected, reading books out loud is very difficult and I found this perfectly entertaining.

  5. XGN KnowledgeHD

    Peter your the reason I gave up a 9 to 5 job to be happy pursuing my dream of art making. Thank you isn't enough

  6. PIXEL

    Hi Peter, thank you so much for sharing your drawing – it inspires insanely, and i started to draw and doodle again… which i paused for over 20 years… sadly…. What happened to me after some time is that i felt like my fingers got numb, because i had to press the fingers so heavy on the pen to exactly put it into position… dunno, hope you understand … i imagine doodling with relaxed fingers, wrist, arm… do you have any hint for me how to not cramp myself while doodling? do you cramp or are you relaxed, holding the pen loosely? Thank you again! you're great!

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