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  1. Kieran Diependael

    Did a two year old lay these tracks or is it some architect that had too pee really badly and drawled it really quickly?

  2. Bernhard Villiger

    The FERRUM TRAINS IN SWEDEN? WHERE IS HELSINKI IN FINNLAND ? Die Hauptstadt.   Wo liegt der bottmische Meerbusen

  3. Tech Davey

    Nah, I've had a far worse ride than any of those and it happened in England! What happened was that my through-ticket to Exeter was not properly honoured and I was evicted into the street to wait for my connection which was at twenty four minutes past five in the morning. (The station closed at half past one in the small hours) It was winter and in my opinion it was bitterly cold and there was nowhere to shelter as the accountants have done away with Waiting Rooms. There were not even any cardboard boxes to shelter in or use as insulation as the Council have made everything as unfriendly as possible for "street people". Result I got Frostbite and a blister filled with yellow liquid formed on my big toe. OK the blister has almost gone after three months but I am still suffering pains elsewhere as a result of that fiasco. Furthermore the "24 hour McDonalds just down the road" did not exist according to about six taxi drivers so I would surmise that the McDonalds story was just the station manager's ruse to get passengers out of the station.

    I SHALL NOT BE RENEWING MY RAILCARD as from now on I won't be using the train anymore. It is better to use a decent motor-coach if one has to go up-country to buy a fresh car etc. On no account use the so-called bargain basement type of coach operation as these are truly dismal.

    Bad coaches (1) The drivers usually only drive for less than an hour before hopping-off and driving another coach back to where they came from. It is nobody's coach.
    (2) If the coach has a bad fault such as a bent prop-shaft that causes the floor to buzz with intolerable vibration, the driver doesn't care as he will be changing vehicles very soon.
    (3) It is common for these dreadful coaches to have bad engines with misfires. In fact a "cheap" coach that was only a third full was struggling with hills. It was so bad that on the Trans-Pennine Motorway, lorries carrying massive steel girders and heavy loads of stone were overtaking it! By the time that the coach reached the North East it was three hours overdue! That's another company that is now on my blacklist.

    Take care!

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