There’s Always Something Going On In Havasu, Boat Parade and New Friends, RV living

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16 thoughts on “There’s Always Something Going On In Havasu, Boat Parade and New Friends, RV living

  1. Peggy Bowles

    Can't wait till you get your truck back and a new camper and get back on the road with Carolyn and Ausia!

  2. Camping with The Campbell's

    Hey Guys I've been watching ever since your video by Panda where she said you got a camper for free from Craigslist. and I really hate that this happened to you guys. But it is a big Learning experience for us all. To make sure we have Insurance that will take care of us like you're insurance has taken care of you. Imagine if you didn't have insurance…….. Leeson for all! Our prayers are with you that the truck comes back soon..

  3. Chiefonelung

    Wow! You guys did an incredible job of filming. The Loving Spirit that you two have comes through your videos and warms this old mans heart. I just love you both. Thanks for sharing this award winning video. Great choice of music too. I can hardly wait to meet you two in a few days. Have fun and be safe. Chiefonelung.

  4. Chuck Bruzdzinski

    Even though i hate to see your home destroyed and truck damaged greatly. I believe this occurrence has worked out for the better. Your narration has less umm's, your not just "filling" time. Your videos and editing have gotten exponentially better. I was on the fence with following yall. But the last few video have been great. Keep up the good work, hope to see yall on the road soon to see new road videos.

  5. Yvette Rankin-Hill

    Nice.. ya'll are having so much fun out of this difficult situation. Way to stay upbeat! Ps-great new intro.

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