8 thoughts on “Things Girls Wear That Guys Love FALL EDITION

  1. Brian Redmon

    Hope you guys enjoy the video! Also, something was wrong with my color correction for some reason, so if the coloring looks weird today, sorry about that, will have it fixed for next video. Let me know in the comments what other videos you guys wanna see :)!

  2. Hadley Grace

    bOI messy hair takes so long to do… you gotta make sure the messy bun is PERFECT. Every single strand is strategically placed, specific strands are curled differently, the messy scrunching… and then ruining your hair and having to do it all over again..

  3. Kaylee Perry

    Could you do a video about- If guys like girls with accents.
    P.S I'm Australian, I'm a big fan of you'res.

  4. Jazmin Asuncion

    What do you do if someone asks you out to prom and you say yes. A couple days later another dude asks you to go with him to prom and asks in front of the whole school and clearly out hella work into it. How do you say you already have a date without embarrassing them in front of the whole school? Also in general, what are some prom tips and homecoming tips? Thanks Brian my dude.

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