17 thoughts on “Think Big – The Power of Ambition

  1. Marion Fiedler Music

    Wow, just thank you. I loved this speech.

    Despite Wally's critical feedback (yes, we are not always able to overcome boundaries that are beyond our capacities) I believe in the fact that the motivation we need in order to achieve what our heart longs to do is possible especially if we do it in connection with others and through love.

    I agree and I am excited about this speech that goes beyond dreaming. I love how through Brendon it gets possible for people to find their own paths. Step by step we can break the bounds that currently hold us back.

  2. Wade Ragsdale

    comeeeee on wade you can Do this welding and fabrication course while doing a full time job and pay bills !!!!!!!!!!

  3. Noussaiba zairi

    Thank you so much Mr Brendon , your videos helped me to change some bad attitudes in my life . God bless you .

  4. Bamfacey

    Thanks Brendan, I really am grateful that you share such incredible information and ideas for free. I wish all the best for you 🙂

  5. chriswbrim

    We need to get a DNA sample and start cloning Brendon that's all there is to it, one is not enough…click "like" if you agree!

  6. Devendra Saxena

    It's really difficult to think above one's abilities. I stammer – and english is not my first language – but i still dream to speak it as fast and as skillfully as you do. Thanks fot motivating me.

  7. downbntout

    I retired a month ago, and I'm jumpin' healthy. I started by taking a long trip, but now I find myself falling into well-worn ruts. Same places, same things. So after hearing this I named a date, 01-09-2018. Then I will leave this area and join the Peace Corp (no age limit!).

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