17 thoughts on “This AIO is made for Threadripper, but can it handle it when overclocked?

  1. tenshi7angel

    I would not recommend an AIO for Threadripper. Either go custom or go air. Reason being is, because in a short few years that AIO will die, and then you won't be able to buy another one.

  2. Astro

    Just noticed it's called the "ROG Strix X399-E Gaming". Who would use the X399 platform for gaming? lmao

  3. Duane Ford

    Also I'd like to see a test run for 30-60 mins as coolant temps generally take a little bit to warm up to their max unlike air.

  4. Duane Ford

    Threadripper cores are actually cherry picked ryzen cores. Amd takes the best ryzen chips for the TR line. Hence the 'easier' overclocking of TR.

  5. Thomas O'Hara

    @JayzTwoCents it would make sense to me for AMD to use higher binned chips for threadripper. making OCing easier then on the mainstream ryzen CPUs.


    On a Threadripper heatspreader the heat isn't from the center though, there's 4 CPU dies under it, 2 of which are non functional. The standard cooler doesn't fully cover them so not only is the heatspreader not fully covered making for higher temps but the dies themselves are also not fully covered.

  7. Ben Coomer

    I wonder if Threadripper had some early iterations of the things we can expect from the Ryzen refresh that's supposed to happen.

    Afterall, Ryzen was the "worst case scenario" for a launch (everything is new practically), so a bit of refining may lead to substantial improvements.

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