17 thoughts on “Top 5 Real Life Horror Ghost Experiences That Are Too Frightening And Make You Believe On Paranormal

  1. jim waldron

    stupidest video ive ever seen. people put crap like this online and claim it to be paranormal…really, three people walking out from behind a post at a dealership, and a hole in a fucking tree.

  2. Kate Hawk

    1st, your bullshit water trickle shit has to stop. 2nd, fake ass photo-shop bullshit. 3rd, STOP posting shitty vid's !!!

  3. TheWatanna

    Oh no, not India again. What do people over there do all day.? Sit around videoing nothing, and then, wait for it, a Ghost on the video. So a guy is in a motor bike museum, ignoring the bikes (which is what anyone with a brain cell would not do) swinging the camera around as if looking for something, then oopsie, a Ghost, just like that. ROTFL.

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