19 thoughts on “TOP 5 Suit Fit Tips | How To Buy A PERFECT Fitting Suit Online

  1. Lord Vespasian

    I work in a school, and love to wear nice suits; I shop in a men's wear store called Greenwoods. They have 4 sales assistants, but I will only ever go in when a certain 2 of them are in, a married couple who know what they're doing. The woman has worked in tailoring for some nice high end stores; she can get your measurement spot on, just by looking at ya, and will never ever let a costumer walk out looking anything less than Godly. I wouldn't say I'm the most fashionable lad on the planet, but I get some rocking compliments for my suits, from students, colleagues and parents.

  2. Melvin Winters

    Damnit. Youtube is the biggest joke when it comes to getting advice for anything. I have never gotten one bit of advice that is useful from Youtube. It is purely entertainment. This one almost cost me $400. The fuck. Go on Yelp. Just about every single customer that purchased from Indochino was disappointed with the purchase. It is dishonest to market the product like this. WTF is wrong with people. This is why our society is so shitty and I hate just about everyone. Greedy morons.

  3. Richi805

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    please purchase tiege hanley guys let's help out Alpha! He really does have an awesome product

  4. Trevor Ladd

    Hey alpha, the rise of your suit is too long. The bottom of the suit coat should line up withe the bottom of the rise of the pant. The pant your wearing is cut with a longer rise to be worn higher on the waist than you wear it. Get a lower waisted pant and it would look on point.

  5. Cristian risueño

    have you ever thought about include subtitles? I mean for your audience from other countries, sometimes it's hard to understand all the video

  6. Léo Pardo

    hahahahahaha i really like your videos, man! Youre amazing! Im brazilian and i think your videos just perfect for my listening training! I really love your channel! Keep on like that!

  7. Daemon

    be going to prom looking like a bartender looking guy.
    jock asks you for a drink from the fruit punch stand.

  8. Warner Heisenberg

    I go to indochino's website and I can't seem to find your suit, Can someone please link me what suit is this?

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