20 thoughts on “Trent Reznor – Hurt (Unplugged)

  1. coreyoz

    I wonder why he chose not to call this song "Empire of Dirt" and reverse the final lines of the chorus. I would very much like to ask him that

  2. Nur Almuhtadi

    Cash’s cover is amazing but honestly, I prefer the original more with the exception of the ear rape in the end.

  3. Cable Vamp

    He wrote the piano line based off Johnny Cash’s version. The original didn’t have a piano and this has a piano similar to Johnny’s version. Trent always did say Hurt never really meant as much as it did til he heard Johnny Cash’s cover.

  4. mercy latour

    When you have screwed up your entire existence but guess what there is hope any scars or embellishment you left on your soul my purpose was never to heal but to remember the shit you had endowed on you life as well as. a OTHERS…….

  5. Dirty Pete

    Yes…millions of dollars and fucking super models would be a challenge… Fuck it…Id never give up!!!! Trent you pussy!!!!

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