10 thoughts on “Warcraft 3 – Worm War

  1. Undead Imbalance

    Wtii can you help me out or has anyone had the same issue after the newest update to warcraft 3 the frozen throne my game will no longer run it saying there was an error. I deleted and redownloaded the game as per instructed and it ran fine until i went to update it again but the it said there was an instillation issue.

  2. xtremelemon

    wtii the technique when youre long enough is to circle around and block the enemies inside and to make it smaller and smaller until they are forced to crash on you. bro you never played snake on an old ass nokia or something?

  3. adicardrz

    Hey wtii! I have a map suggestion. It's called "Who is the alien? – Parasite". Basically they are like 10 players and 2 of them are alien. You are either alien or marine. The fun part is aliens can hide as a marine so u don't know who to trust. Main goal for the aliens is to kill the all marines before time runs out and marines try to survive. Treachery and salt are guaranteed.

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