1. Michael Groob

    Under the pile of debris when you first began recording, that looks lower than ground level like there is a depression, and there is corrugated metal over it. Those EMF devices just pick up magnetic fluctuations. My astronomy software occasionally alerts me to "strange magnetic field" which could be emitted by electrical wires or interruption of the magnetic field by a lot of metal in a structure.

  2. D. R. H.

    Hey E.W.U. Team Leader, I was just wondering how much you know about W.W.2. As the middle part of the "War" neared, domestic metal resources were running a little thin. As you know copper is used to make larger caliber bullets. Nickle was used in the manufacture of certain engine blocks. So the U.S. Mint was ordered to start producing Pennies, Nickels, Dimes and Quarters in STEEL. This order was so the "War Effort" could continue without interruption. After the War this steel currency was recalled by the Mint and due to the extreme patriotism folks had, most of it made it back. Some of it as you have found was overlooked and today has some value to collectors.
    Personally, I am very curious to see your treasure trove. Could you make an augmentative video showing the currency to compliment this great trek??
    I am jealous that you guys go to some really beautiful spots to explore. Thanks for this one guys!!!

  3. Robert Gibson

    Once again @Explore with Us, great video! I always look forward to seeing notifications on my phone that there is a new video from you guys!

  4. Frugal Momma

    I belong to a paranormal investigation group. Those apps aren't real. It doesn't cost much to be a real emf meter. Also, bring an evp recorder with you. You'll likely pick up evp's.

  5. KagusakiUrufu

    Ball Corp. was in Muncie, Indiana from 1889 till 1998 when they moved their headquarters to Broomfield, Colorado. Interesting to note that they are doing business in the aerospace sector now xD

  6. Dashies Software

    You must be stupid to think that Spirits are Physically active .-.

    They'll give you mental Visions and shit which will make you go Insane and Crazy 😮

    Spirits can't touch us as living beings because if they would, we wouldn't be alive right now :/

    There are more Spirits than Humans these days….

  7. jay black

    The higher the emf the more the spirits are around.i look around alot with my emf meter and see a lot of high emf readings. Try to see where it's highest.

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