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19 thoughts on “WHY ATHEISM ISN’T VACUOUS GRANDILOQUENCE- Black Pigeon Speaks Response

  1. Everett Elderberry

    Why don't you use violence to get your atheist point across? Oh… cause you're a liar and a fat pussy. Lol

  2. Everett Elderberry

    Anyone who says they know the truth is a fucking idiot. Especially this fat fuck who doesn't even know what the truth of eating what is healthy. Say your bullshit in a world where you're safe in a Christian nation… absolute piece of shit. Rot in Hell.

  3. Everett Elderberry

    Yeah… Hollywood and it's sick fucking culture being pumped into every house hold had NOTHING to do with the decline of Christianity. FUCKING moron… yeah TV and the movie screen isn't the New God… no way… it doesn't affect a damn thing. Even this fat fucking hairy loser worships Hollywood that's why he has a YouTube channel. Burn Hollywood Burn!!!!!!!

  4. hugehappygrin

    All the things that the Inquisition did was for money. So-called witch trials(non-gender specific, really) were held for politics and money. Riling up an intentionally ignorant populace to desire the death of their neighbors or even family was the norm. In 1648 Jeremias Drexell SOJ wrote that everyone will say anything to end the pain of torture, even to admitting the impossible.

  5. Stink186

    Black Pigeons' argument that atheists fail to oppose Islam falls apart when you consider the fact that many of the most vociferous critics of Islam are atheists like Pat Condell, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins Bill Maher and Bosch Fawstin. In contrast, some of Islam's biggest appeasers are religious leaders like the Pope, who advocates for open borders and condemned the drawing of Mohamed, or the Dalai Lama. There are also many left wing churches in my area that push for open borders and amnesty. Black Pigeon is a regressive social conservative who wants conformity. He's not actually interested in the pursuit of truth or freedom.

  6. DrMerciless

    The Cult of SJWs have risen with the lack of religion in the west you have to admit. Dropped one cult for another cult. Most people no matter what will always need dogma. A form of real or ethereal of daddy in the sky, totalitarianism that dictates their way of life.

  7. Jacob Roloff

    All I see are two people firing in the dark, thinking their hitting each other but actually firing at the same beast

  8. icyangel13

    I honestly never understood the "we're just small specks in an infinitely large universe so why would God care about us" argument. Millions and millions of stars and galaxies and planets and weird formations; yet nothing as mysterious or complex as what happens between the ears of every man. Obviously our consciousness makes us supremely unique. Why wouldn't a God take an interest in that?

  9. MrJaydizzle1979

    This was a perfect example of a painfully long pointless rant. It left me asking only one question? How can you spend some much time, emotion and energy hating something you don’t think exists? Chew on that for a little while tubby

  10. 5thBeatIe

    I could be here every day swamping logic on your head in all your videos. But I don't think its worth the effort. The more atheism like this comes out, the more it will be dealt with by many others. Your ball in the air has hit its apex and is now falling to hit rock bottom. We're not afraid of you. Nobody is afraid of you and your punk-rocker get-up. You're a little kid who's every bit as afraid of losing his lack of belief as the most timid believer. Stubborness isn't confidence. I hope you go through a true great doubt of yourself that will hopefully awaken you to true confidence and enlightenment one day. Maybe study Zen Buddhism and learn that the highest form of thought comes through humbly admitting how little you know, and how invisible and subtle the spiritual world is. You are a thinker who only thinks and doesn't learn, and Confucianism says this is the most dangerous betrayal of mind one can inflict on ones self. To push my point further, know that I was once suffered paranoid schizophrenia when I was agnostic. I know what it's like to be mentally ill and delusional. Trust me. After getting in remission from the illness, I found religion and spirituality to be something entirely different from a schizophrenic voice in your head telling you to do things. Spirituality and religion cleanses delusions about how the world works. If you think I'm talking about magic when I mean spirituality, know that I am a non-dualist who rejects the dichotomy of the spiritual world and the physical world (yes, many religions do actually teach this). Physicists are just beginning to understand how the universe works, and there is nothing saying that there is no scientific explanation for why God exists. The highest tested IQ man in America espouses the reality of God, saying that he exists within physical reality and can be logically proven. His arguments are too complex and educated for the majority of people, even me, so I am not going to try to convey his ideas on YouTube. I don't have faith in God in the sense that I just "hope" he exists. You might balk at this, but think about it: Even with all the complex perceptual processes in the brain, science says there is nothing that necessitates that we actually be conscious about our own lives, reality, and the existence around us. We should be dead to our own existence. Perhaps God is the field of life-giving awareness that gives us true consciousness. Maybe God is right in in front of your own conscious eyes right now, not as a bearded man, but as your own consciousness itself. Now there's some real food for thought, rather than your cynicism and nihilism. Good night.

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