Will a Gas Engine Run on Paint Thinner? Let’s find out!

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11 thoughts on “Will a Gas Engine Run on Paint Thinner? Let’s find out!

  1. Byron Nightingale

    The product you're using is likely what we call mineral turpentine, and yes you can indeed run a spark ignition engine on it. It won't run on turps without preheating it either by heating it or sucking the liquid through into the cylinder with the choke, where compression will vaporize it and the spark fires it off. Because it has a higher flash point than gasoline as you proved by tipping what looks like turps into your vaporizer tank and drew air through it. I have run a mower back in the day on a tank full of mineral turps with a shot of starting fluid and a bit of choke to fire it off and seemed to run better than gas and it was not temperamental like gasoline and had better bottom end power. It goes to show that gasoline is not the only fuel a spark ignition engine will run on.

    What would have been interesting is to see whether it knocked under load, the rather depending on the composition of the fuel.

    It's also possible to run a mower on lighting kerosene.

    Great video.

  2. Eric Hildreth

    I knew paint thinner would work!! Thanks for doing this video!! Not sure if you tried this yet or not but how about avaition fuel?

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