Will The Penitus Oculatus Save The Empire? – Great War Speculation

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11 thoughts on “Will The Penitus Oculatus Save The Empire? – Great War Speculation

  1. Deelan Gaming

    The only good plot i see for TES6 (if we ever get the the damn thing) will be the 2nd Great War and/or the return of the Dwarves

  2. Longrun IV

    I play a high elf although I feel like I was betrayed by own people after nearly getting my head cut off. I mean com on they saw my ass on the wagon then some storm cloak ass holes were kind enough to let me get revenge on that ass hat imperial that sent me to the chopping block. If you ask me stormcloaks got my vote.

  3. Zarosian Mahjarrat

    How is rest of Tamriel dealing with the Dragon Crisis… since the Dragonborn was pretty much limited to culling Dragons in Skyrim and Solstheim… what happened to all the Dragons that flew all over Tamriel? How do "normal" people from other provinces deal with them?

    Paarthunax is going to keep them in line but even he cannot control every single one of them? Can Dragons be dealt by people who are not Dragonborn?

  4. Leufinngamer

    you know what would be epic?
    If the Daedra would play a role in the next great war in one way or another, atleast some daedra like azura or meridia
    and seemed like the daedra arent very popular under the high-elves

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