16 thoughts on “Workbench organization – Tool Tray

  1. Tony Jaros

    Ryan…at 2:14.. I am looking at the side of my hand between my thumb and finger looking at the scar I have there.. bad bad habit mate, your hands are not vices.. chisel blades are sharp.. skin and muscle is easy prey for the slippery chisel.. safety always

  2. Dan Letkeman

    With some initial thinking you can avoid cutting holes in the dovetails for the tray slot. If you make small pins on the ends of the joint so that the tray slot is not too high up and if you make a large enough rebate on the back side of the tails, when you cut the slot it doesn't cut into the tails and goes between the pins.

  3. Get Hands Dirty

    Really nice Ryan, I need a nice way to storage my chisels as well, it may evolve from this idea.

  4. MrBubbajohnson1

    Nice job Ryan,wow a rob cosman saw…must be nice! ha ha. Keep up the good work! Like the vids.

  5. Wouter van noort

    Looking neat! I see you have some Narex chisels, How are those working for you? Looking to get some for myself.

  6. Thomas Russell

    Please read till the end…
    "Just a shop project"? Always strive to do your best work, it will help to keep your skills sharp. Great idea, decent execution, questionable attitude toward your mistakes.
    You definitely show you have some skills. However, words to live by, at least they work for me, are "Good Enough is Neither." Let me explain… Good is a personal standard, Enough depicts where you are personally satisfied to stop trying to make it better. For me, Good Enough is Neither means it is neither good, nor enough. That you are happy with your end product is all that really matters. That you stated, in a round about way, that you were satisfied regardless of your mistakes tells me that you will be bothered by those imperfections and will notice them every time you look at this project. Thank you for acknowledging those "uh-oh's" as this will help others to watch out for making those same mistakes. A thinking man will take a lesson away from this project. A poor craftsman will think there is a limit to his skills and not reach for the best he can do. Even shop projects can inspire our future work. If we do our best on shop projects they can help hold us to a standard of workmanship, and make us feel inspired to do better work in the future. I know that if you didn't really care you would have just gone down to the dollar store or WalMart and bought some plastic silverware divider system. Don't sell yourself short by accepting less than you are capable of.
    Good luck on future projects.

  7. Les Silies

    Nice video. What stood out to me were some interesting steps you took in cutting the dovetails. First after marking your tails you used your square as a guide to keep your saw perpendicular to your tail board while sawing. Then before you removed the waste from the tail board you placed it over the pin board and pulled your dovetail saw thru each kerf to mark the pin board. While marking the pins you offset to compensate for the saws kerf. Where and how did you learn your technique? Rob Cosman?

  8. Dylan's DIY Workshop

    I absolutely need one of these, I'm going to make one and make it into a drawer, so it can be stored away when I'm not using it. I want to do that for my different essential tools for different operations. thank you so much for the inspiration!

    also, not to be a pain, but when you were ripping the pieces on the tablesaw, you were standing to the right of the fence, in my experience there isn't as much control standing there. I'm just concerned you're sacrificing safety for a good camera angle.

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