X-Men: The Gifted Official Trailer BREAKDOWN

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18 thoughts on “X-Men: The Gifted Official Trailer BREAKDOWN

  1. Linda Cirillo

    Great Video,,,,
    the ending was a bit too long,, i kinda tuned out at like 4:00 ,,,, the other parts help,,,, movies are so WIERD today,,, thank you

  2. Thomas Walker Jr.

    I will give this a chance because I want to see what they do with the series and how long it will be around .  This seems darker and a lot better than Days of future past, but I know this will be good. At least this has a base to start from.

  3. Zack Spindler

    Daredevil>>>>>>>>Agents of Shield, Legion, Flash, Arrow, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, and probably The Gifted and Inhumans. I don't even bother with Legends of Tomorrow.

    (Disclaimer: Legion, Flash, Arrow depending on the season, Luke Cage depending on where in the season, and Jessica Jones are all good/great. Iron Fist and Agents of Shield on the other hand……)

  4. Jake Luttrell

    your breakdowns are usually really good, you just narrated the trailer, everything you said we already knew from the trailer, why make a "breakdown" video when your not breaking down anything.


    did he really say that he thinks this feels more dark. it really doesn't. it feels like heroes but its just x men.

  6. Yup Yeah

    Just a bit of feedback. It would be a good idea to have the visuals match what you're breaking down on the screen. There's many instances when you talk about a character or a situation and the image on the screen does not match what you're talking about. For example, from the 3 minute mark on. Have a look at comiccast2 breakdown. It's fantastic.

  7. Stamatis Zygas

    I would love a Wolverine, cameo or reference. It would be cool if we get introduced to the new Wolverine actor, and costume that way.

  8. Say What Again i Dare you i Double Dare you!

    I didn't like the teaser but I really liked this trailer, it looks good

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