Yiruma 이루마 – Reminiscent 회상 [Lyrics by Jonghyun]

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12 thoughts on “Yiruma 이루마 – Reminiscent 회상 [Lyrics by Jonghyun]

  1. Marilyn Nunez

    why is the comment section not flooded with comments yet?!
    why does this not have 1mil views yet?!

    i need to go listen to kpop to calm me down

  2. Juke Box

    Lyrics and English traduction can be seen with the cc button now c:
    Again, I was pretty much inspired by Baudelaire's Spleen IV

  3. Frenk Vortice

    jaw dropping experience…everything was on point it was heartfelt but i didnt understand a word haha although i know some… so you have to transcribe the lyrics. or make them float on the screen somewhere, can put them in description. other than that its a genius work this is what i am talking about creativity, passion. in motion. its so nice to see how you explore the limits. very great.

  4. JollyYosei

    Oh mon dieu… Quelle merveille ! <3 Tu as du talent Jonghyun, bravo ! ^^ Merci beaucoup de le partager avec nous ^^

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