18 thoughts on “You Can’t Beat A Bowl Of Heirloom Tomatoes!

  1. Kim Barnes

    Gorgeous haul! I was out picking a couple and found a horn worm? On my plant. I threw him fat over the fence. He was huge.

  2. twocvbloke

    There's a lot of interesting shapes there, amazing to think they're all just tomato plants… 🙂

  3. Tammie Bowser

    My tomato plants are healthy but not a lot of flowers or fruit…??? What can I do to get more flowers and fruit? I am in Southern California and it is hot… will the heat make the plants stop making flowers?

  4. Brandy J.

    I bought black krim seeds from burpee this year. I've never grown them and I'm a new gardener. I don't know if this is possible, but I'm beginning to believe the seeds were mislabeled. My tomatoes look NOTHING like a black krim. Im jealous of your crop

  5. Jason Hope

    Quick tomato question… I had zero BER this season, but I have experience a ton of blossom drop. I used trifecta as recommended upon planting, but I haven't done much if any mid-season feeding. Could that be the cause, of could you think of anything else…

    Also, I'm picking about 4-5 pounds of tomatoes daily! oh man! oh man! what a season.

  6. Rich206L

    I love your channel. Do you have any videos on growing sweet basil? Mine always seem to start going to seed very fast. Any tips?
    Thanks, Rich

  7. Rose Danielson

    when it gets a little colder can you do a video for grow lights for beginners? with different price ranges and such, I have been binge watching loads of your videos the last few weeks and have learned so much!

  8. TheEarthCreature

    My tomatoes are growing huge but not even blushing yet. This has been a strange year for tomatoes in Massachusetts for me.

  9. Mike Brinovec

    Luke, is there any reason why my Black Cherry tomatoes look identical to those Black Plum tomatoes you have? My Black Cherries have not grown even close to a spherical cherry type tomato

  10. Giovanni Foulmouth

    Wow your tomatoes produce a lot of fruit. Mine have plenty of flowers but very few fruits.

  11. John Doe

    Luke you know what would be awesome is if you did a top 10 or 15 fav tomato varieties to grow from your store with your opinions on why you rated them accordingly. That would be fantastic to get that perspective on which interests me to purchase.

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